Interlock Installation: Day 2

Hi everyone,

Sorry about the delay. I’m finally back with Day 2! Hurrah! Let’s dive right into the pictures shall we?

Side note: I was trying not to bother the workers so I was mostly taking pictures from our upstairs windows. That is why there are weird angles and lots of dirty window sills and curtain reflections.

In the backyard, more gravel kept being added and compacted, added and compacted. This happened at least twice more.

We even had a whole other dump truck of gravel delivered!

Then, they began getting down to the fine tuning. They added gravel to the string levels and compacted yet again.

And, while they were working on the back, work on the front also began! =)

First, they dug out most of the area with their mini backhoe. [I only managed to get one decent picture of this. I had no good vantage point.]

IMG_20150721_103405Next up came….surprise, gravel and compacting! [Please ignore the curtain reflection.]

At the end of Day 2 we had a backyard that looked like this:

And a front yard that look like this:

The side yard still wasn’t getting in on the action:


It may look like things are slow to start, but digging and re-filling those holes takes a lot of time, energy, and precision to get the grading just right. In some ways, it’s the hardest part!

Check back for Day 3! I promise to post it sooner this time. =)



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