Interlock Installation: Day 1

After waiting for what seemed like an eternity (read: 2 months), the day for breaking ground on our interlock plan finally came! It was quite exciting to see all the action. Since we didn’t do anything ourselves, get ready for lots of pictures. =)

First come the before pictures.

Goodbye grass, dead and living!

Goodbye horrible back steps that always gave us splinters!

Goodbye evil weed growing area along the side of the house! (Don’t let the appearance grass fool you, we got lots of mean weeds there, I had just pulled them all out before taking these pictures.)

Goodbye uneven concrete pavers and pitted concrete porch!

Let the work commence!

There was lots of digging.

And dirt being piled up on the street.

A whole dump truck full of gravel arrived.

They finished digging the hole for our back patio and lined it with a barrier fabric.

Then it was gravel time!

At the end of the first day, we were left with this:

Phew! A lot was accomplished in one day. Next up will be Day 2. See you then!



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