Getting a new (outdoor) room {Part 2}

Hello everyone!

I’m back with more information on our outdoor changes. =)

This spring we decided we wanted to actually use our outdoor space. We did some research and went back-and-forth talking about the pros and cons of a deck vs. interlock.

If we built a deck it would most likely cover one of our basement windows and/or vents and that would be bad. We love the amount of sunlight that streams into our lower level and need the fresh air circulation. It would have also meant being higher up. This would make our outside space be at almost the same level as our inside space. I wanted a bit of an elevation difference to make the two spaces feel separate even though they would be right next to each other. Plus, we weren’t too thrilled with the idea of maintaining a deck. It could be pretty time consuming depending on the size. So, interlock it was… if we could find a company, and price, we were happy with.

We can up with a basic plan and then meet with four different companies. Needless to say, our plan changed as we discussed things with the professionals. In the end e choose one of the companies and our finalized plan looked like this:

hardscape plan
Yeah, that’s my to scale drawing. And yes, I know it probably wasn’t necessary but it helped me visualize things. Also, I’m a nerd, I couldn’t help myself.

And that is where I’ll leave things for today. Next up will be the actual installation process!



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