Getting a new (outdoor) room {Part 1}

Hi everyone,

I realize it’s been a while since I posted. We have definitely done projects, I just haven’t been good about writing about them. I’m going to try update this blog a bit more regularly with what has already done and what is to come. *fingers crossed*

This summer has been the summer of change around our neighbourhood. A lot of people have been completing outdoor hardscape/landscape projects and installing fences and we are no exception!

We’ve got a fence! Well… most of a fence. We didn’t have it finished because of other changes that are happening as I type this. =)

Here is our yard pre-fence. This is an old picture from our walk-through. I apparently have no other close ups of our backyard.

backyardAnd here it is now, with (most) of our fence!

IMG_20150618_184644IMG_20150709_111725IMG_20150709_111818As you can see in the last picture, we still have to get our gate. The fence is going to be a bit longer on the right side too, to meet the gate. But that should be happening soon!



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