There’s A Goose Neck In Our Kitchen!

When we moved in, one of our favourite spots was our kitchen. It turned out better than we had imagined; both the way it looked and the way it functioned. The one thing that stood out as a sore thumb was our faucet. It looked basic, felt basic, but worst of all, it had terrible water flow/pressure. We compared it to our bathroom faucets and it performed noticeably worse in a Liters/minute volume test.


After living with it for a few [frustrating] months, we started looking for a new faucet that met our criteria: 1) built-in pull-down sprayer, 2) a handle that didn’t change orientations when the water was turned off (i.e., didn’t always end up back in the centre), 3) a higher neck so that is was easier to access the sink. We ended up loving the Kohler Simplice faucet from Lowes (found here). So, when Lowes had a promotion on, we ordered it and crossed our fingers we would love it in person……which we did! *Phew*

Next up, the switcher-roo…

First, I removed the original faucet.

Then I was left with this plumbing situation under the sink.


Notice the white pipes just hanging out with no connector hoses? Luckily I had bought some (like this) in anticipation of probably needing them. So, armed with my connection hoses, instructions, various YouTube video knowledge, and an afternoon, I went to work. It took me a few hours from start to finish. I had the tiniest work space to maneuver in! I could barely budge an inch either direction, and I’m small. I still managed to enjoy myself, although my shoulders were sore the next day.


Here is the final result. It was pretty spectacular. Instant kitchen classiness upgrade!


I used plumbers putty to ensure a good seal around the edges of the escutcheon so that water didn’t get into places it shouldn’t. We also used clear silicon caulking to seal where our sink meets our counter top. Btw, an escutcheon is the plate that is between the sink and the faucet, although doesn’t it sound like an animal that would sort of resemble this?

I installed the new faucet near the end of January and we are still really enjoying it. The faucet and handle rotate and glide smoothly and feel really solid. The sprayer works great and it is easy to switch back and forth between spray and stream. And, the best part, we have great water pressure! Yay! Now we can fill up pots in a handful of seconds instead of a handful of minutes!




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