A Little Frosting Please…

The first hands-on thing we did after moving in (aside from unpacking) was add frosting film our front door sidelights. The sidelights were great for letting in light, but we could see every person and car that went by, and they could all see us! Here is what we started with:

Front door sidelights without frosting


Project Breakdown:

Difficulty: Easy

Time required: < 45 minutes for both sidelights

# of people: Easier with 2



– Frosting film of your choice (I’m pretty sure we used this one from HD)

РSpray bottle full of water + a few drops of dish soap (we originally bought a kit with special spray  but water + dish soap worked perfectly fine so we returned it)

– Credit card (not for purchasing things in this case!)

– Razor knife with a fresh blade


Steps: (sorry I don’t have any pictures, but you can see a great tutorial with picture on YHL here)

Step 1: Free your glass surface of any dirt, dust, finger prints, or paint splatters. This is an important step since anything on your glass will make it more difficult for your frosting film to adhere correctly/smoothly.

Step 2: Measure and cut your frosting film, allowing for at least 1″ of extra film on all four edges (this makes things easier later on).

Step 3: Thoroughly spray your glass surface with your water + dish soap solution.

Step 4: Peel off about 1′ of the paper backing the film and place the newly exposed side of the film against the top of your sidelight/glass area. Make sure your film extends past the glass a bit on the top and both sides.

Step 5: Use your credit card to smooth the film against the glass, working from the centre out to the edges. This is where you want to work out an bubbles by pushing them to the nearest edge.

Step 6: Here is where 2 people comes in handy. Have one person continue to pull the paper backing off in increments, while the other person smooths out the film. Work your way down the entire glass surface.

Step 7: Take your credit card and lay it flat on the glass over the film. In this position, use it to hold the film up tight against the edges. Now, use your razor knife to cut off the excess film on all four sides. We found it easiest to do the top, then the sides, and end with the bottom.

Step 8: Step back to admire your work. Then, when you’re ready, do the other sidelight.

Step 9: Relish in your new found privacy!

both frosted full

We did this back in November 2013 and they still look identical 9 months later. It was a small and quick project with a big impact factor.




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