New Trees!

When we moved into our house, I was so excited that we had 2 trees, one in the front and one in the back.  Since it was mid-October, it was a little hard to tell whether the trees were healthy/alive. The Canadian climate wasn’t helping much.

We just had to wait for spring to arrive. When it did, our front tree started off great but we noticed some pretty severe trunk damage in mid-June, and our back tree still looked petrified… (sorry for the bad image, it’s all I could find)

Luckily, the builder has a 1 year warranty on landscaping so we were in line for at least 1 new backyard tree. Well, as of Thursday, we have 2 new fresh trees! They dug up the front one and could almost just pull out the back one like a tall weed. Now we have a fresh maple in front and an oak in the back. I’m so excited to have an oak tree! I love their leaves and acorns. Can’t wait for it to mature.

 Maple tree getting replaced:

 Oak tree’s turn:


Having a maple that is damage free and a living oak tree in our backyard makes our yard look soooo much better. And the fact that the oak tree helps distract from our neighbour’s giant shed is refreshing.




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